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Oh no. A failure.

Posted in Dessert, Hobby with tags , , , , on July 2, 2009 by Devo

What an unproductively productive week I have had this past week. One huge success and one huge failure. These things happen though.

FransiscoMy sister and I managed to pull together to create the most adorable thing either of us have ever created  and it was for our friend’s graduation party. Of course, she got most of the credit it for it because she did all of the sewing with her maching sewing skills. I have none of those. I did help with the design of the guy but I couldn’t really help with much else except saying that I paid for it. Our friend ending up naming him Fransisco and he is totally lovable.

It had such potential.

It had such potential.

Last Sunday was my big ol’ failure of a day. I think I learned my lesson that if I am just in a horrible mood then my baking is going to suffer for the worst. My flourless chocolate cake took the fall: literally. It was going to be delicious but then it just completely fell on me. I made it for a “mocktail” party that I was attending that night Failurebut it became too ugly for me to serve it there. It was going to have fresh raspberries placed on top that I would have picked from our bushes by our garage but it just ended up unsuccessful. We all have our bad days.

I have decided that I am going to enter the Threadcakes contest. I can’t tell you my awesome idea of what I will make for it right now. I will tell you that is a completely awesome idea. If you look at the entries though you can also see that many other people had such good ideas and have executed them wonderfully. As I haven’t had much cake decorating experience this will be quite a task to pull off what I want to do. Once finished I will probably post pictures of it up here as well as entering it into the contest.

The brightest part of the past week is that plans have been set for upcoming projects. Now I just have to carry them out.