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Well, I lied.

Posted in Hobby, Update on September 21, 2010 by Devo

I definitely did not put up my Threadcakes entry, did I? I apologize. I did not win but I really wasn’t expecting it to happen. I really just like entering for the fun of it. My entry can still be seen here. I think I am slowly getting better with the designs each year (even though I’ve only done it twice).

I am currently in another contest! This time for Instructables. Voting ends tomorrow (Sept. 22nd) so if you are reading this before or during that day I would very much appreciate if you would vote for this. I would like the grand prize so badly but even if I don’t get it I made myself a great little chalkboard that I love. And it really is very easy and fun to make.

I am still getting used to this whole living alone thing. It takes quite a lot of adjustment. Especially when it comes to cooking for one. I have only gotten to bake one thing: banana bread. It was really good but could have totally been better. I am currently hoping and praying that the new bakery that is coming into town will hire me. That way I can gain more experience and hopefully start incorporating that into my own desserts.

I will try to keep this around now that I am no longer mooching Internet from my school’s library or my sister’s dorm. It’s time to get my kitchen into shape.


Where Did I Go?

Posted in Update on August 2, 2010 by Devo

It has been a long time, hasn’t it? Sophomore year is over and so is most of the summer following it. I have made a few desserts but I didn’t take any pictures and I honestly cannot remember a lot of them off the top of my head. I’ve been lost in a world of school, school related things, graduations, traveling, Doctor Who, and keeping cool.

I’ve gone to Cincinnati several times over this summer for Jeremy visiting. His family was nice enough to let me go on vacation with them to Myrtle Beach for a week. Broadway on the Beach was just one of the many attractions we went to and one of the stores located there is one called It’s Sugar. It has made me realize a new dream of mine: opening my own candy shop/bakery. Wouldn’t that just be the best job in the world? Constantly being surrounded my sugar and childhood. Oh, it would be lovely.

I just thought I would let you know about a new aspiration of mine.

For now though, I don’t know where this blog is going but I can tell you two things. This weekend I will be working on my entry for this year’s Threadcakes. I have the design picked out and how I think I am going to do it. I just hope it all comes together like I want it. The second thing is that this school year I will have my own apartment with my own kitchen. That means there will be plenty of things that I’ll be cooking up. I even have a designated recipe box all ready to be filled. It will be an adventure that I hope I can document a lot on here.

This Hasn’t Been Forgotten

Posted in Update on May 27, 2009 by Devo

I know, I know. It’s been over a month since I have last updated. I suppose that wasn’t even a true update either as it was just me declaring that I changed the layout of this blog. I would say that the last month has been a little hectic though. What with me being a little busy and everyone else around me being extremely busy, it’s a little crazy. There has been a lot of traveling (Cincinnati and back home to Findlay) and quite a few birthdays have been celebrated. But with all of this going on, I had forgotten to update this. I’ll give you some highlights of the last few weeks or what I feel is important enough to go in here.

Jeremy brought me back to his home in Cincinnati for a weekend to celebrate his father’s birthday. It was pretty fun. I could continue talking about this but the important thing for this blog is that we went and saw Star Trek. Now, I used to watch Star Trek quite a lot as a child and somehow I managed to stray away from it (unfortunate, I know). I was pretty excited to see this movie and the excitement stayed with me until the very end of the film and maybe even a little bit after. It was great to be able to recognize each character from when I was a kid. The movie was full of action, humor, and stayed true to the series. Plus, Leonard Nimoy was kind enough to return as Spock Prime.

The week following that weekend was me preparing for Jeremy’s birthday. I decided to sculpt things I first learned about him out of clay. So this resulted in a skillet with an egg cooking on it (his love of cooking), an e-heart (love of computers), a tiny panther (he was attacked by one), and a headcrab (Valve). I am not very successful with clay so this was a rough task for me. But it is also one of the few crafty things I have done in a while. They went over well.

This past weekend was my 19th birthday and we retreated back to my home for it. It was a nice break and was really needed. It mostly consisted of just eating a lot of food and playing with cute little puppies all weekend.

So, this was a completely unnecessary post. I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew I was still alive and devoted to this blog. I will hopefully be back again after school ends. I should be able to create more things when I have a good amount of time to do it.


Posted in Update with tags , , , on April 20, 2009 by Devo

Here I am again, trying to mess around with the appearance of my blog. This past weekend when I went home (again) I looked at my blog on our desktop computer for the first time. Guess what, that green was blinding. I apologize to anyone who had to withstand that bright of green. I didn’t really know because on my laptop is was a nice shade. So these colors I feel are a lot better for the eyes and it seems to look a little cleaner.

Unfortunately, I have lost my green. I am not going to pay to save my CSS changes of just changing the color of links to green, no matter how good it looks that way. I can deal with orange (I actually really like gray and orange together) but I feel like green is a little more me. It will just take some getting used to.

If you must know why I was home, I wasn’t really. I did go home but spent the majority of my weekend in a car or in Dayton. My friend invited me to go see Play! with her and it was pretty awesome. If you don’t know what Play! is, it’s an orchestra that plays music from video games while playing clips of the game behind them. It’s pretty neat. Video games just have some of the best soundtracks out there.

Well, let me know how these changes go over for you. I may still be on the fence about them.

Beginning of Spring Break

Posted in Update on March 21, 2009 by Devo

I have been home for a little over a day and a half and have already accomplished two semi-productive things. Maybe three.

Besides showering and unpacking what I brought back, the first thing I did was attack our desktop computer. I got on my account and just changed the entire appearance of my desktop. It needed it badly. I am still working with a lot of other things on there but I have an entire week to do this. I just made everything less ugly and cluttered.

My pasta dinnerI was left alone last night because my mother had to work and my sister decided I wasn’t cool enough to hang out with over her friends and a movie. So that left me to find a suitable dinner for myself. Right now my kitchen is under construction. Mom has decided to put in new cupboards, paint, and eventually get new counters. So half of our kitchen is just… missing. There isn’t any food in this house either because when I am at school my mom just doesn’t cook anything for my picky-eater sister. So getting a dinner for myself was a difficult task. But I come up with a brilliant idea that wasn’t too much cooking (because I am terrible at it). Pasta is always an easy choice and that is what I did: delicious pasta. I took our over abundance of elbow macaroni and cooked that. I then warmed up some Ragú sauce in a small pot, chopped up quite a few pepperonis, and added a bit of spices to it. I think the spices were oregano leaves, garlic powder, black pepper, and Italian spice. I could be a little wrong though. But anyway, it turns out it was really good. I just added mozzarella cheese on top and it was a filling dinner.

Before and AfterToday was a big day for me. For the last three years I had been growing out my hair. It finally got to the point of it touching my tailbone a few months ago and I trimmed that by a couple of inches. Today though, I donated again. It was the fourth time I have donated my hair and this is the second longest amount that I have cut off. The second time I donated I cut off 13 inches. Today, I cut off 12 inches. So now a foot of my hair is gone and I am left with incredibly short hair. It is actually shorter than I wanted or expected it to be. But it is fine because it still looks pretty all right. It’s just a very different and I am going to have to adjust.

Although this post is a little silly it is just the start of spring break. I will be home alone a lot within the coming week with my mom working and my sister still in school. That is fine with me, I accomplish more that way. I plan on making two desserts while I am home, even with our busted up kitchen. One will just be a variation of the cake bites and the other I will post a recipe up for.

Just some stuff.

Posted in Update on January 25, 2009 by Devo

After spending the entire day in my dorm room I have pretty much ran out of everything that I can do in here. This can only mean one thing: I must update this blog.

So here is what has been going on. Friday was a gorgeous day. It hit fifty degrees and even though that kind of weather in January usually makes me angry, Friday it did not. I was finally able to use my Holga even if it was just for two pictures. Just spending some time outside for no reason was pretty nice as well. And then that night was another swimming adventure. There were no diving boards for me this time and I am pretty okay with that.

Saturday was a pretty good day though. Well, night since I really didn’t do anything until night. And this is the main thing of this blog… probably. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. That is the movie I went and saw Saturday night. I really liked it.

Although I had not read the book before seeing it (which I always like to try to do before a movie adaption comes out) I thought the movie was great all on its own. There was great acting, excellent characters, and although everyone knew how the movie had to end it was such a good story. I am sure that was all thanks to F. Scott Fitzgerald and I would probably enjoy the book as well since I was one of the few in my class to enjoy The Great Gatsby. All in all, I would recommend this movie to anyone. But make sure you go to the bathroom beforehand, three hours is a little long.

After last night, today has felt like a bit of a disappointment since I have done nothing. Really, nothing. I’ve just been watching TV which the only good thing that has been on was mens’s figure skating. Which Johnny Weir came in 5th! Letting me down, boy. It doesn’t matter though because Jeremy Abbott and Brandon Mroz kicked butt. I believe it is the first time in five years that someone won U.S. men’s title that is not named Evan Lysacek or Johnny Weir. Crazy!

Really, that was my day. I’ve been jamming to Pandora and losing balance on my nice wooden chair. Way to spend a day.