Well, I lied.

I definitely did not put up my Threadcakes entry, did I? I apologize. I did not win but I really wasn’t expecting it to happen. I really just like entering for the fun of it. My entry can still be seen here. I think I am slowly getting better with the designs each year (even though I’ve only done it twice).

I am currently in another contest! This time for Instructables. Voting ends tomorrow (Sept. 22nd) so if you are reading this before or during that day I would very much appreciate if you would vote for this. I would like the grand prize so badly but even if I don’t get it I made myself a great little chalkboard that I love. And it really is very easy and fun to make.

I am still getting used to this whole living alone thing. It takes quite a lot of adjustment. Especially when it comes to cooking for one. I have only gotten to bake one thing: banana bread. It was really good but could have totally been better. I am currently hoping and praying that the new bakery that is coming into town will hire me. That way I can gain more experience and hopefully start incorporating that into my own desserts.

I will try to keep this around now that I am no longer mooching Internet from my school’s library or my sister’s dorm. It’s time to get my kitchen into shape.


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