Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake

A week ago my mom requested that I make her lemon cake and I did the day after she requested it while she was at working, hoping it would be a pleasant surprise when she got home. It would have if everything had gone the way she wanted it to. I guess I managed to ignore the recipe that she wanted me to use and I didn’t bake it properly. Well to be fair, I did not know there was a certain recipe she wanted me to use and did the cake on my own with the help of the Internet and I did not know that we had a bunt cake pan so I just used a normal 9″ baking pan. I don’t think it matters too much because the cake still turned out to be very delicious but just a disappointment.

It turns out, I’m the only one eating this cake. It’s been sitting in our kitchen in all of its glory with only two slices that I have eaten out of it. Mom tried it in the worse way possible, it looks like she just clawed at the back of it with a fork and didn’t bother to cut a slice for herself. That is a bit upsetting as I made it for her.

The cake itself is pretty simple. It is just a normal, everyday lemon cake with a lemon glaze on top. Although it may not look the nicest (does anything I bake ever?) it is still full of lemon-y goodness. I should have maybe used more zest in the batter though.

As for my little over a week of summer vacation, I have yet to accomplish much. I went to my cousin’s wedding and made a cake. I plan to have a lot of projects for me to do this summer, including some traveling. It just hasn’t happened yet.

My main goal of the summer has become to make some sort of money from baking. I hope to set up a page on this blog after the changes take place and just start taking small orders from people to make some cash. So look forward to that. I really hope it works out for the best.


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