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Lemon Cake

Posted in Dessert, Hobby with tags , , on June 22, 2009 by Devo

Lemon Cake

A week ago my mom requested that I make her lemon cake and I did the day after she requested it while she was at working, hoping it would be a pleasant surprise when she got home. It would have if everything had gone the way she wanted it to. I guess I managed to ignore the recipe that she wanted me to use and I didn’t bake it properly. Well to be fair, I did not know there was a certain recipe she wanted me to use and did the cake on my own with the help of the Internet and I did not know that we had a bunt cake pan so I just used a normal 9″ baking pan. I don’t think it matters too much because the cake still turned out to be very delicious but just a disappointment.

It turns out, I’m the only one eating this cake. It’s been sitting in our kitchen in all of its glory with only two slices that I have eaten out of it. Mom tried it in the worse way possible, it looks like she just clawed at the back of it with a fork and didn’t bother to cut a slice for herself. That is a bit upsetting as I made it for her.

The cake itself is pretty simple. It is just a normal, everyday lemon cake with a lemon glaze on top. Although it may not look the nicest (does anything I bake ever?) it is still full of lemon-y goodness. I should have maybe used more zest in the batter though.

As for my little over a week of summer vacation, I have yet to accomplish much. I went to my cousin’s wedding and made a cake. I plan to have a lot of projects for me to do this summer, including some traveling. It just hasn’t happened yet.

My main goal of the summer has become to make some sort of money from baking. I hope to set up a page on this blog after the changes take place and just start taking small orders from people to make some cash. So look forward to that. I really hope it works out for the best.


A Delicious Diaster

Posted in Dessert, Hobby with tags , on June 7, 2009 by Devo

Friday night, Jeremy and I finally accomplished the root beer float cupcakes that we had been planning to make for a while. We ran into several snags on the way to accomplishing them (always check to make sure you have enough of every ingredient you need) but we made it. The end product was some of the most delicious cupcakes I have ever had.

While I would post pictures and explain how we did it… I didn’t take any pictures and I feel like our experience with it so far were not the greatest. What we created were good but both of us feel that we can improve on the recipe just a bit to make it even better. What I will do is let you have the recipe. I’m sure sometime in the future there will be an update about these cupcakes as they are too good to never make again.

This week is finals week and at the end I will be back home. I will probably start updating more about desserts that I will be making (there are a lot that I want to try) because I will finally have a kitchen to work with. This summer there will be drastic changes to this blog and it will be a huge improvement. I’m starting to get a sense of what this will be like; the majority will be of dessert recipes that I am willing to try, punctured by other crafty things that have turned out well. Really, that’s not what I intended of this but I like the way that it is going.