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This Hasn’t Been Forgotten

Posted in Update on May 27, 2009 by Devo

I know, I know. It’s been over a month since I have last updated. I suppose that wasn’t even a true update either as it was just me declaring that I changed the layout of this blog. I would say that the last month has been a little hectic though. What with me being a little busy and everyone else around me being extremely busy, it’s a little crazy. There has been a lot of traveling (Cincinnati and back home to Findlay) and quite a few birthdays have been celebrated. But with all of this going on, I had forgotten to update this. I’ll give you some highlights of the last few weeks or what I feel is important enough to go in here.

Jeremy brought me back to his home in Cincinnati for a weekend to celebrate his father’s birthday. It was pretty fun. I could continue talking about this but the important thing for this blog is that we went and saw Star Trek. Now, I used to watch Star Trek quite a lot as a child and somehow I managed to stray away from it (unfortunate, I know). I was pretty excited to see this movie and the excitement stayed with me until the very end of the film and maybe even a little bit after. It was great to be able to recognize each character from when I was a kid. The movie was full of action, humor, and stayed true to the series. Plus, Leonard Nimoy was kind enough to return as Spock Prime.

The week following that weekend was me preparing for Jeremy’s birthday. I decided to sculpt things I first learned about him out of clay. So this resulted in a skillet with an egg cooking on it (his love of cooking), an e-heart (love of computers), a tiny panther (he was attacked by one), and a headcrab (Valve). I am not very successful with clay so this was a rough task for me. But it is also one of the few crafty things I have done in a while. They went over well.

This past weekend was my 19th birthday and we retreated back to my home for it. It was a nice break and was really needed. It mostly consisted of just eating a lot of food and playing with cute little puppies all weekend.

So, this was a completely unnecessary post. I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew I was still alive and devoted to this blog. I will hopefully be back again after school ends. I should be able to create more things when I have a good amount of time to do it.