Here I am again, trying to mess around with the appearance of my blog. This past weekend when I went home (again) I looked at my blog on our desktop computer for the first time. Guess what, that green was blinding. I apologize to anyone who had to withstand that bright of green. I didn’t really know because on my laptop is was a nice shade. So these colors I feel are a lot better for the eyes and it seems to look a little cleaner.

Unfortunately, I have lost my green. I am not going to pay to save my CSS changes of just changing the color of links to green, no matter how good it looks that way. I can deal with orange (I actually really like gray and orange together) but I feel like green is a little more me. It will just take some getting used to.

If you must know why I was home, I wasn’t really. I did go home but spent the majority of my weekend in a car or in Dayton. My friend invited me to go see Play! with her and it was pretty awesome. If you don’t know what Play! is, it’s an orchestra that plays music from video games while playing clips of the game behind them. It’s pretty neat. Video games just have some of the best soundtracks out there.

Well, let me know how these changes go over for you. I may still be on the fence about them.


One Response to “Changes”

  1. robertmouse Says:

    Aw, now I have to change my description of your blog, for it is no longer very green.

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