My Camera Collection

Lately, I have been managing to gather some interesting cameras. Not really, I only have four all together; two of them I have and probably will never use. Well… maybe. It doesn’t really matter though because I feel like sharing to the world these four cameras because I just think they are cool.

So from least to most interesting:

1. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-S90

This is the camera that produces the pictures you have to suffer with. Sorry.

This is the camera that produces the pictures you have to suffer with. Sorry.

Now, this is my least interesting camera but it is the one most used, obviously. I got this camera as a Christmas present from my dad back in my sophomore year in high school (that would have been the Christmas of 2005). Well, this was the latest and greatest Cyber-Shot back then. Guess what; it’s not anymore. I still enjoy using it because after having it for more than three years, I know all the tricks of it now. It still only has 4.1 mega-pixels (sad, but true) it has managed to take some really good pictures.

2. Polaroid One Step Close Up 600 Film Camera

Polaroid 600 Film CameraThis is the second camera I somehow have gotten my hands on in the last four years (I guess going from least to most interesting is also chronological). How I got this camera is still a mystery to me. I believe I found it when we were cleaning stuff out of our house for a garage sale and this camera was in one of the piles. I didn’t even know we owned this camera and I wasn’t going to let it get away. Unfortunately, I have never used it. Film is pretty expensive for it and not readily available for me to just go out and buy. So this one is just sitting on my shelf for now.

3. Holga 120CFN

Holga 120CFNThis is another camera I got for Christmas except it was just this past year’s Christmas. I asked for this one because I love how the pictures turn out. So my dad and step-mom went and ordered me one along with 4 rolls of film. I haven’t used up an entire roll of film yet but I am excited for when I do. That is, of course, when I find a place I can get the film developed and/or learn to develop it myself. If you don’t know what is so special about a Holga, well, there really isn’t anything at all. It’s a mass produced camera from Hong Kong that began in the 1980’s. It is completely made out of plastic so the quality of the pictures are not really the greatest but it is the surprises that the plastic gives you that makes the camera special. There’s light leaks, the ability to do a double (or more) exposure, and all types of modifications to trick it out. My Holga happens to have a color flash feature on it.

4. Polaroid Land Camera 240

Polaroid Land Camera 240This is the camera that I just received this past Friday from my step-mom. I haven’t really learned a whole lot about this camera yet except that is was made from 1967-1969. I will probably never use this camera unless I feel completely comfortable in doing so. I have learned enough to figure out where I can buy accessories for it it though. My step-mom’s friend owned this camera and was ready to get rid of it. Somehow it ended up in my hands, along with film, a flashgun, flashbulbs, and lens for it. I wasn’t complaining at all.

So there we go, my four cameras. I don’t have anything against Polaroid (those are the two cameras I don’t use), it’s just that they are so expensive to use. I don’t have that kind of money. So for now, most of them can just chill on my shelves. Well, except for my Cyber-Shot. I need that for taking pictures and such.


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