Cake Bites Update

Batch of StrawberryToday/tonight I finished another batch of my cake bites. This time I used strawberry cake instead of red velvet. I can’t decide which is better but both are really good. Strawberry is a lot sweeter than the red velvet, just a warning. I think I am more fond of my strawberry batch though because they just look so much better than my red velvet one. But then there is the love that I have for the red velvets because they are the originals.

What I have learned from from these strawberry cake bites is how to make them look a bit nicer. The biggest lesson I learned from last time was keep the cake cold enough so it wouldn’t crumble apart in the chocolate. The solution to this was simple: keep them in the fridge longer or stick them in the freezer for about ten minutes. Well, also, I think our freezer and fridge are set on the lower temperature settings so they are pretty cold. So the times could vary with different refrigerators. I didn’t run out of chocolate this time either so that really helped with the whole appearance of the chocolate.

Strawberry InsideThis time they are actually cake bites. I made them about half the size I did last time. That is mainly for two reasons. The first one being, the last ones were just huge. The second one is the fact that my sister didn’t help me at all with the rolling of these. Last time she dished out the cake with our mini-scooper and she just decided that filling the entire scoop was good. Although I still used a mini-scooper (which is extremely convient for any type of dough that needs to be divided) I only filled half of it and then rolled them. The smaller size made them a lot easier and quicker to dip.

My favorite part of making these is still smashing the cake and the frosting together in a bowl. The red velvet made my hands nice and red but the strawberry just made them smell really good. Plus it is just really cool feeling to squish around. And destroying a cake that you just baked is always a fun time.

What is always great about dipping in chocolate is that I always manage to have a ton of chocolate left over. This time I got an entire tray of chocolate covered strawberries out of it. So good. Now I just need to get my hands on a dipping spoon and I’m good to go.

The recipe is still in the last post about these tasty desserts in case you missed it the first time. I should be posting again soon with the next dessert I will be making.

One advantage to being home (besides access to a kitchen) is I get to use my mom’s really nice camera. Why I didn’t use it last time I made these still puzzles me but I taking full advantage of it this time around. I need to update my camera, it’s a little over three years old.


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