Beginning of Spring Break

I have been home for a little over a day and a half and have already accomplished two semi-productive things. Maybe three.

Besides showering and unpacking what I brought back, the first thing I did was attack our desktop computer. I got on my account and just changed the entire appearance of my desktop. It needed it badly. I am still working with a lot of other things on there but I have an entire week to do this. I just made everything less ugly and cluttered.

My pasta dinnerI was left alone last night because my mother had to work and my sister decided I wasn’t cool enough to hang out with over her friends and a movie. So that left me to find a suitable dinner for myself. Right now my kitchen is under construction. Mom has decided to put in new cupboards, paint, and eventually get new counters. So half of our kitchen is just… missing. There isn’t any food in this house either because when I am at school my mom just doesn’t cook anything for my picky-eater sister. So getting a dinner for myself was a difficult task. But I come up with a brilliant idea that wasn’t too much cooking (because I am terrible at it). Pasta is always an easy choice and that is what I did: delicious pasta. I took our over abundance of elbow macaroni and cooked that. I then warmed up some Ragú sauce in a small pot, chopped up quite a few pepperonis, and added a bit of spices to it. I think the spices were oregano leaves, garlic powder, black pepper, and Italian spice. I could be a little wrong though. But anyway, it turns out it was really good. I just added mozzarella cheese on top and it was a filling dinner.

Before and AfterToday was a big day for me. For the last three years I had been growing out my hair. It finally got to the point of it touching my tailbone a few months ago and I trimmed that by a couple of inches. Today though, I donated again. It was the fourth time I have donated my hair and this is the second longest amount that I have cut off. The second time I donated I cut off 13 inches. Today, I cut off 12 inches. So now a foot of my hair is gone and I am left with incredibly short hair. It is actually shorter than I wanted or expected it to be. But it is fine because it still looks pretty all right. It’s just a very different and I am going to have to adjust.

Although this post is a little silly it is just the start of spring break. I will be home alone a lot within the coming week with my mom working and my sister still in school. That is fine with me, I accomplish more that way. I plan on making two desserts while I am home, even with our busted up kitchen. One will just be a variation of the cake bites and the other I will post a recipe up for.


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