I’m not going to fail at this.

It’s a little chilly in here.

So… about a week ago I found this awesome thing that may someday be mine. Or I hope so.


Click on image to go to article.

There is also a camera that I really like but as I already have a digital camera and a Holga, I think I am okay without it. But think how much my cool status would go up if I walked around with that all the time? I think it would just rocket up.

I’ve decided that spending three nights in a row on a broken futon was an awful idea for my back and neck. Although it was pretty fun. But I wouldn’t recommend it as the best option. Sorry guys.

Last Thursday we went ice skating again. Every time I go I just feel instantly at home. Although it is just open skate and I really can’t do a lot of stuff there, I manage. I wish I could be a part of a club again and start having freestyle time because I would really like to keep my skills sharp and not let it fade. It is so much more fun to be able to spin and jump and not just have to skate in an oval the entire time. That does get some endurance up if you are going fast enough though. Or if you put your hands on your head and skate, that gives you some crazy abs but also some funny stares. Not to mention that was our punishment for not doing as the coaches told us the past couple of years. Really though, if I could just start doing programs again, I don’t even have to compete, I just want to make programs up again and just skate to them I would really enjoy that.

Friday night I went off the high dive. Enough said.

Maybe this will turn out better than expected?


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    it really is troublesome.

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