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The Adventures of January 28th, 2009

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This will be a lovely photo blog of the adventures that I had (sort of) on our snow day here at OU. Most of these adventures were with Jeremy so he can feel special about this. Actually, I think all of them were but that doesn’t matter.

The day began at night actually because I was still up until 2:30 that night just trying to get back to my room. It was after the freezing rain had struck the town of Athens and there was snow under ice under water. Jeremy and I exited the apartment building to find a tree just chilling a lot lower than it normally does.


So that was a treat. We continue walking to find that after crossing Court Street the majority of the sidewalk is pure ice with some water on top making it pretty awesome to walk across. I think it may have taken us close to ten minutes to walk a block, but it was so much fun in the process. I actually have a video of it but it is awful and dark and my voice is terrible. You don’t get to see it. Looking over at College Green was sweet. The ice had frozen over the snow we had gotten the night before and it made it look like plastic. I took a picture of it and it just looks more like water but it doesn’t matter because it is still pretty great.


We trucked our way down Jeff hill, but not really because I pretty much walked down as Jeremy slid. My stupid boots didn’t slide very well. I made it back to Jefferson safely and managed to stay on my feet the entire time, while someone else did not. Then I fell asleep and did all that boring stuff.

The next morning I awoke to girls screaming in the hallway that the university was closed. Oh yeah, this was at seven in the morning. My roommate and her friend that was staying the night also woke up and decided together that I didn’t come back last night because I wasn’t visible from where they were sitting. I listened to them check to make sure the girls in the hall were correct, started talking about how awful the weather was and then I spoke and scared them. I, then, fell back asleep.

I woke up around eleven to go eat lunch. I looked out our window to find snowflakes… probably the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen. On average, I would say they were as big as quarters. But some were so much larger. I remember seeing one that was this big… I am making a hand motion to describe the size of it. I guess it would be as big as those tiny pancakes you see some diners serving.. the half dollars pancakes or something. I don’t know. But I tried to take a picture of them out my window and it didn’t really work out too well.


I did boring, everyday things of nothing unlike like… five that evening. I went up to College Green to finally enjoy the weather with Jeremy and managed to get some sweet pictures of stuff there. You can see them now.

So Jeff hill looked like that.

So Jeff hill looked like that.

Just some College Green-ness.

Just some College Green-ness.

Some sweet berries. I think this looked better on my camera's screen.

Some sweet berries. I think this looked better on my camera's screen.

I ended up liking this picture more.

I ended up liking this picture more.

I don't understand why this tree still has leaves. It isn't helping it though.

I don't understand why this tree still has leaves. It isn't helping it though.

Cutler and whatnot.

Cutler and whatnot.

So the whole point of us going up to College Green was to build a snowman… I think. It turns out the snow didn’t want us to do that because it had to be mostly ice. What a jerk. So I made a mini-snowman. I used all the warmth in my hands to create him. He is adorable. He stands about a foot high and he looks as though he is sleeping. I decided to name him Alvin after much consideration. That means friend of elves and I think Alvin would be very friendly if an elf came across him. I hope that my pain and agony brought joy to more people than just me and someone did not just crush him.


There was not much else I could do with completely numb hands so we headed back to the apartment and drank some hot chocolate. I had to go through some excruciating pain in warming my hands back up.

I thought this looked pretty sweet. Right?

I thought this looked pretty sweet. Right?

The day dwindled after that. We went and got some Goldfish crackers (which I just finished off before typing this sentence) and made some pretty good brownies.

Overall, the day was an awesome day. There was no point in sharing this with the Internet except to show that snow days are the best days.


Just some stuff.

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After spending the entire day in my dorm room I have pretty much ran out of everything that I can do in here. This can only mean one thing: I must update this blog.

So here is what has been going on. Friday was a gorgeous day. It hit fifty degrees and even though that kind of weather in January usually makes me angry, Friday it did not. I was finally able to use my Holga even if it was just for two pictures. Just spending some time outside for no reason was pretty nice as well. And then that night was another swimming adventure. There were no diving boards for me this time and I am pretty okay with that.

Saturday was a pretty good day though. Well, night since I really didn’t do anything until night. And this is the main thing of this blog… probably. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. That is the movie I went and saw Saturday night. I really liked it.

Although I had not read the book before seeing it (which I always like to try to do before a movie adaption comes out) I thought the movie was great all on its own. There was great acting, excellent characters, and although everyone knew how the movie had to end it was such a good story. I am sure that was all thanks to F. Scott Fitzgerald and I would probably enjoy the book as well since I was one of the few in my class to enjoy The Great Gatsby. All in all, I would recommend this movie to anyone. But make sure you go to the bathroom beforehand, three hours is a little long.

After last night, today has felt like a bit of a disappointment since I have done nothing. Really, nothing. I’ve just been watching TV which the only good thing that has been on was mens’s figure skating. Which Johnny Weir came in 5th! Letting me down, boy. It doesn’t matter though because Jeremy Abbott and Brandon Mroz kicked butt. I believe it is the first time in five years that someone won U.S. men’s title that is not named Evan Lysacek or Johnny Weir. Crazy!

Really, that was my day. I’ve been jamming to Pandora and losing balance on my nice wooden chair. Way to spend a day.

I’m not going to fail at this.

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It’s a little chilly in here.

So… about a week ago I found this awesome thing that may someday be mine. Or I hope so.

Click on image to go to article.

There is also a camera that I really like but as I already have a digital camera and a Holga, I think I am okay without it. But think how much my cool status would go up if I walked around with that all the time? I think it would just rocket up.

I’ve decided that spending three nights in a row on a broken futon was an awful idea for my back and neck. Although it was pretty fun. But I wouldn’t recommend it as the best option. Sorry guys.

Last Thursday we went ice skating again. Every time I go I just feel instantly at home. Although it is just open skate and I really can’t do a lot of stuff there, I manage. I wish I could be a part of a club again and start having freestyle time because I would really like to keep my skills sharp and not let it fade. It is so much more fun to be able to spin and jump and not just have to skate in an oval the entire time. That does get some endurance up if you are going fast enough though. Or if you put your hands on your head and skate, that gives you some crazy abs but also some funny stares. Not to mention that was our punishment for not doing as the coaches told us the past couple of years. Really though, if I could just start doing programs again, I don’t even have to compete, I just want to make programs up again and just skate to them I would really enjoy that.

Friday night I went off the high dive. Enough said.

Maybe this will turn out better than expected?

Oh, hello there.

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Look, it’s on its little way to looking more like me. It has only taken me forever to do this.

Really though, I don’t have a lot to say. I started classes again last week and they are pretty alright. Psychology has pretty much taken the stance as my favorite class this quarter even though it is a lecture hall and it is every single day. But I can deal with that.

Today’s highlight has been my suffering health. In my 8 am German class I had a horrible time breathing because everytime I would inhale my lungs were like “Screw you!” and kicked me in my chest. Or that is how I imagined it to be. That with stomach problems just makes a delightful day.

Eh, I’ll attempt to update this when I have something better to say.

Yes… I made my header. In Paint.