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And this is born…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on December 4, 2008 by Devo

So look at this, I’ve started a new blog for myself. As much as I enjoy writing out what I feel there seems to be no media that I have enjoyed writing it out in yet. Xanga is dead. Myspace and Facebook are too open. My journal was easily forgotten about. So here comes WordPress. Let us try this out.

I’m starting this at an awkward time in my life. Well… that is sort of a lie. Since most people would like to think that my entire life is awkward. But for me this is where I am feeling torn between what I have always been used to and what is new. It’s all college’s fault. I want to have the same comforts I have always had but I am starting to realize that always isn’t going to happen. I will have to break out and try new things to see what is possibly better. I have more freedom than I have ever had before. Everything about my life is just torn.

I’ve always considered myself to be relatively open about things but now my eyes are wide awake. What used to bother me is slowly fading away as it is becoming normalcy around me. I am throwing myself out there with a chance of being broken. But it’s okay because it is just going to make me stronger, right?

This blog might turn into another feeble attempt at expressing myself. Or it could turn into something that has helped me. We will just have to see because it will be a wonder if I update this ever. And I will try not to bore whoever reads this with it just being about my life. That is completely lame. I’m going to throw other fun and informative things in here.

But right now, I must work on it looking awesome. Because right now I’m having some issues with it being too bland and impersonal.